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King Edred
Name: King Edred
Father: Edward the Elder
Mother: Edgiva
Born: c.923
Ascended to the throne: May 26, 946
Crowned: August 16, 946 at Kingston-upon-Thames, aged c.23
Married: Unmarried
Children: None
Died: November 23, 955 at Frome, Somerset
Buried at: Winchester

King Edred was born in about 923 AD, a son of King Edward the Elder by his third marriage. He succeeded his brother, King Edmund I, in 946. Like both his elder brothers, Edred enjoyed military success over the Vikings. However, Edred was a strongly religious man with bad health (he had a stomach ailment and could barely eat). He died on November 23, 955, at Frome in Somerset, and was buried at Winchester. He was succeeded by his nephew, King Edwy.



 Edred succeeds his brother Edmund 


 Expulsion of Eric Bloodaxe, last Danish king of York 


 Edred dies and is buried at Winchester. 

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