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House of Wessex - King Edmund II lronside

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King Edmund II lronside
Name: King Edmund II lronside
Father: Ethelred II
Mother: Elfleda
Born: c.990
Ascended to the throne: April 23, 1016
Crowned: 25 April, 1016 at Old St Paul's Cathedral, aged c.26
Married: Ealdgyth
Children: 2 sons
Died: November 30, 1016 at London
Buried at: Glastonbury

King of England in 1016, the son of Ethelred II 'the Unready' . He led the resistance to Canute's invasion in 1015, and on Ethelred's death in 1016 was chosen king by the citizens of London. Meanwhile, the Witan (the king's council) elected Canute. In the struggle for the throne, Canute defeated Edmund at Ashingdon (or Assandun), and they divided the kingdom between them with Canute ruling the North and Edmund ruling the South. When Edmund died (probably assassinated) the same year, Canute ruled the whole kingdom.



 Edmund Ironside, son of Aethelred II the Unready of England, becomes King. At the battle of Abingdon, in Essex, King Canute II of Denmark defeats Edmund. They meet on the Isle of Alney in the Severn and agree to divide the kingdom into two. Canute takes the land North of the Thames and Edmund the South. 


 Edmund is assassinated a few months later and Canute takes the throne as King Canute of England.  

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