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These outstanding Covers and Postage Stamp sheets celebrating British Royal History are produced by Buckingam Covers. They feature Royal Mail stamps postmarked on the issue or anniversary date. Some are available with genuine signatures signed by famous people. Only a limited number are available. They are ideal for collectors, as presents and for mounting in frames.

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This coin cover marks the 100th anniversary of Edward VII's funeral, postmarked in Windsor on the anniversary date.

Edward VII's funeral was a very grand affair. The procession, which included 9 crowned kings, ceremoniously made its way through Windsor until it reached the Steps of George's Chapel, where he was buried on May 20th 1910.

The stamp and label come from our own Edward VII stamp sheet. The label design will vary (the one shown in the picture about is the P3) but all the labels are reproductions of stamps issued during Edward VII's reign.

The coin is a genuine 1910 penny from the year of his funeral.

Our autograph for the signed editions is Timothy West, one of the most gifted actors of our time. West took the lead role of King Edward VII in the acclaimed TV drama Edward and the King (1975) so is a great signature for this cover.

Edward VII was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He succeeded to the throne upon Victoria's death in 1901.

Edward VII is widely considered to have been a good king. Quite a few of the royal houses of Europe were related to him which came in handy with foreign policy negotiations! His influence had a direct bearing on the alliances between Britain and both France and Russia.

Buy this cover from Buckingam Covers.