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King Lulach of Scotland (1057 - 1058)
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Name: King Lulach of Scotland
Father: Gillacomgean, Mormaer of Moray
Mother: Gruoch, daughter of Beoedh, son of Kenneth III
House of: Dunkeld
Born: c. 1029/32
Ascended to the throne: August 15, 1057
Crowned: August, 1057 at Scone Abbey, Perthshire
Married: Finnghuala, daughter of Sinhill, Mormaer of Angus
Children: one son and one daughter
Died: March 17, 1058, killed at Essie in Strathbogie by his cousin and successor Malcolm III
Buried at: Isle of Iona
Succeeded by: his cousin Malcolm III

Lulach (Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin), also know as Lulach ‘The Fool’, was the stepson of Macbeth and son of Macbeth’s wife Gruoch by her first husband Gillacomgean. Lulach was the first Scots king to be crowned at Scone, but was a weak ineffectual king.

His reigned lasted barely 8 months before he was killed at Essie, Strathbogie, by his successor Malcolm III.

Timeline for King Lulach of Scotland

Historical Timeline for Scotland 834 - Present


 Lulach, Macbeth's stepson, ascended the throne and was crowned at Scone 


 King Lulach killed by Malcolm III at Essie, Strathbogie 

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