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King Eochaid of Scotland (879 - 889)
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Name: King Eochaid of Scotland
Father: Run Macarthagail, King of Strathclyde
Mother: a daughter of Kenneth I
House of: MacAlpin
Ascended to the throne: 878
Married: none
Children: none
Died: 889
Succeeded by: his cousin Donald II

Eochaid (Áed mac Cináeda) was the grandson of Kenneth MacAlpin, and son of the Strathclyde ruler Rhun whose father had been slain by Constantine. He ruled jointly with Giric until they were expelled in 889 by Duncan II, ending the influence of Strathclyde which then became a Scottish sub-kingdom. Eochaid was either killed or exiled. Some reports have his burial place as the mound of Cunning hillock near Inverurie.

Timeline for King Eochaid of Scotland

Historical Timeline for Scotland 834 - Present


 Death of Eochaid; Donald II grandson of Kenneth becomes king. 

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