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King Donald III of Scotland (1093 - 1094)
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King Donald III of Scotland
Name: King Donald III of Scotland
Father: Duncan I, King of Scotland
Mother: Sybilla of Northumbria
Relation to Elizabeth II: 25th great-granduncle
House of: Canmore
Born: c. 1033
Ascended to the throne: November 13, 1093
Children: one or two daughters
Died: 1099, in prison at Rescobie, Forfarshire
Buried at: Dunkeld Abbey, remains later removed to Isle of Iona
Succeeded by: his nephew Duncan II

Donald (Domnall mac Donnchada) was a son of Duncan I and younger brother of Malcolm III. He was called Domnall Bán or Donald Bane (Donald the Fair or White). He was in exile at the time of his bother’s death and rushed to claim the throne.

He was soon challenged by his nephew Duncan, son of Malcolm, and in 1094 was driven out by Duncan who was backed by the English King William II. However a few months later Duncan II as he was known was killed at the Battle of Monthechin, Kincardine, and Donald Bane returned as King.

Donald jointly ruled with his nephew Edmund but both were deposed in 1097 by Edgar, another son of Malcolm, who had Donald blinded and imprisoned. Donald died a broken man in prison at Rescobie, Forfarshire, in 1099

Timeline for King Donald III of Scotland

Historical Timeline for Scotland 834 - Present


 Donald III (Donald Bane) become king 


 Donald Bane is driven out by Duncan, Malcolm's III's son, who becomes Duncan II. He is killed a few months later at the Battle of Monthechin, Kincardine, and Donald Bane returns 


 Donald III regains the throne and jointly rules with Edmund. 


 Donald is overthrown, blinded and imprisoned by Edgar. Edmund flees to Montecute Abbey in Somerset. 

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