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King Constantine II of Scotland (900 - 943)
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King Constantine II of Scotland
Name: King Constantine II of Scotland
Father: King Aedh
Mother: unknown
House of: MacAlpin
Ascended to the throne: 900
Married: unknown
Children: Indulf, Cellach and a daughter
Died: 952, at St Andrews, Fife
Buried at: St Andrews, Fife
Succeeded by: his 2nd cousin Malcolm

Constantine II (Constantín mac Áeda) was king for over 40 year. He was the first Scottish King to hold power south of the Forth, but his reign was dominated by Viking raids and northern conquests of the Wessex Kings Athelstan and Edmund of England.

An alliance of Constantine, Owen of Strathclyde and Olaf the Viking king of Dublin was defeated by Aethelstan at Brunanburh in 937. In 943 Edmund established control over Northumbria and extended his rule into southern Scotland. Having been defeated twice, Constantine abdicated and lived out the rest of his life as a monk in the monastery at St. Andrews, Fife.

Timeline for King Constantine II of Scotland

Historical Timeline for Scotland 834 - Present


 Constantine II succeeds Donald II 


 Constantine's forces defeat Vikings at the Battle of Strathearn 


 Battle of Brunanburh: Alliance of Scots, Celts, Danes, and Vikings, defeated by Aethelstan of England who takes the title of King of all Britain  


 King Edmund of England extends his rule into southern Scotland, 


 Abdication of Constantine II 

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