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King Edward The Martyr (975 - 978)
Family tree poster & books     House of Wessex Family Tree     Detailed Tree    Scottish King or Queen at the Time     FAQsKing Edward The Martyr

Name: King Edward The Martyr
Born: c.963
Parents: Edgar and Ethelfleda
Relation to Elizabeth II: 28th great-granduncle
House of: Wessex
Ascended to the throne: July 8, 975
Crowned: 975 at Kingston-upon-Thames, aged c.13
Married: Unmarried
Children: None
Died: March 18, 978 at Corfe Castle (murdered)
Buried at: Wareham reburied Shaftesbury
Reigned for: 2 years, 8 months, and 10 days
Succeeded by: his half brother Ethelred

Elder son of King Edgar, he succeeded to the throne as a boy of 12, and in so doing, aroused rival claims to the throne from his even younger half-brother, Aethelred II, the Unready. He was murdered by members of Aethelred's household at Corfe Castle in 978.

Timeline for King Edward The Martyr

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 13 year old Edward succeeds to the throne 


 Edward the Martyr murdered at Corfe Castle 

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