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King Edmund (940 - 946)
Family tree poster & books     House of Wessex Family Tree     Detailed Tree    Scottish King or Queen at the Time     FAQsKing Edmund

Name: King Edmund
Born: c.922
Parents: Edward the Elder and Edgiva
Relation to Elizabeth II: 30th great-grandfather
House of: Wessex
Ascended to the throne: October 27, 940
Crowned: November 29, 940 at Kingston-upon-Thames, aged c.18
Married: 1) Elgiva (2) Ethelfleda
Children: 2 sons Edwy and Edgar
Died: May 26, 946 at Pucklechurch near Bath (murdered)
Buried at: Glastonbury
Reigned for: 5 years, 6 months, and 28 days
Succeeded by: his brother Edred

King of England 93946. The son of Edward the Elder, he succeeded his half-brother, Athelstan, as king in 939. He succeeded in regaining control of Mercia, which on his accession had fallen to the Norse inhabitants of Northumbria, and of the Five Boroughs, an independent confederation within the Danelaw. He then moved on to subdue the Norsemen in Cumbria and finally extended his rule as far as southern Scotland. As well as uniting England, he bolstered his authority by allowing St Dunstan to reform the Benedictine order. He was killed in 946 at Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire, by an outlawed robber.

Timeline for King Edmund

Historical Timeline 800 - Present


 Edmund becomes King. Scandinavian forces from Northumbria overrun the East Midlands. 


 Edmund re-establishes control over Northumbria and rules a united England. 


 Edmund extends his rule into southern Scotland, 


 Dunstan becomes abbot of Glastonbury Abbey 


 Edmund conquers Strathclyde, but Cumbria is annexed by the Scots. 


 Edmund murdered at a party in Pucklechurch 

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