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I Love Kings & Queens
Title: I Love Kings & Queens

Description: This fun little book, with 400 fascinating facts about royal history and more than 100 illustrations, will delight fans of British history everywhere!

* After the Battle of Hastings, Harold’s tattoos were used to identify his body
* Elizabeth of York was the model for the queen in the first deck of cards
* Queen Victoria appears on the 1851 Census. She lists her occupation as ‘the Queen’
* Henry VIII used a wheelchair and wore glasses

Author: Richard Smyth    ISBN: 978-1-84165-695-3    Publisher: Pitkin

Product ref: BR1028    Format: Paperback 150x180mm    Pages: 160 in Full Color

Price: USD $16.00    Postage & Packing: USD $7.25

Dispatch: Normally within 3 working days by Royal Mail 1st class post or airmail.

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