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The Queen at 90 - A Royal Birthday Souvenir
Title: The Queen at 90 - A Royal Birthday Souvenir

Description: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has reigned over the United Kingdom and Commonwealth for over 60 years and her longevity means she is now our longest-reigning British monarch. In 2016 she reaches another mile one as she celebrates her 90th birthday. Fully iillustrated with beautiful photographs of The Queen’s life, this special souvenir guide serves to commemorate the occasion of her birthday. Decade by decade, it showcases her role as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, as wel as Head of State. This remarkable monarch deserves our congratulations as she reaches her 90th year.

Author: Gill Knappett    ISBN: 978-1-84165-684-7    Publisher: Pitkin

Product ref: BR1027    Format: Paperback 280x210mm    Pages: 34 in Full Color

Price: USD $12.75    Postage & Packing: USD $7.25

Dispatch: Normally within 3 working days by Royal Mail 1st class post or airmail.

Availability: 5 in Stock
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