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Kings & Queens Tablecloth
Title: Kings & Queens Tablecloth

Description: Kings & Queens Polyart Tablecloth - Breakfast with royalty.

Make Henry VIII, Charles II and ‘mad’ King George III part of your household’s everyday conversation using images supplied by the National Portrait Gallery. Portraits and stories of five centuries of monarchs bring our history, its adventures and controversies to life in a fascinating new way.

Admire the costumes, see the family likenesses, find out about queens and consorts. And put it all into a more familiar setting with the detailed timeline border.

Polyart is an extraordinary synthetic paper with the look and feel of paper but with the strength and durability of plastic. It stands up to water, weather, grease, chemicals and it resists tearing in both directions. The Polyart tablecovers are carefully folded and packed in an ingenious box designed by paper engineer David Bartlett to keep any permanent creases to a minimum. To clean the tablecloth wipe with a warm cloth and gentle cleaner. Do not use a scourer or other abrasive cleaner.

Author: Designed by Tablewise    Publisher: Tablewisdom Ltd

Product ref: BR1020    Format: Tablecloth 1600x1200mm (5'3 x 4') in Full Color

Price: USD $47.99    Postage & Packing: USD $16.00

Dispatch: Normally within 3 working days by Royal Mail 1st class post or airmail.

Availability: 5 in Stock
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