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Britains Kings & Queens
Title: Britains Kings & Queens

Description: Presents history in words and pictures of Britain's 56 sovereigns from Alfred the Great in the 9th century to our reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. This book includes family trees and details of where and when each monarch was born, where they were crowned, the dates they reigned and where they are buried. Displaying not only a very near complete collection of royal portraits this opulent guide depicts the luxurious fashion and jewellery privileged to the Crown over the centuries.

Author: Michael St.John Parker and Sir George Bellew    ISBN: 978-0-85372-450-6    Publisher: Pitkin

Product ref: BR1002    Format: Paperback 250x178mm    Pages: 32 in Full Color

Price: USD $9.60    Postage & Packing: USD $7.25

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