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Timothy Laurence

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Timothy Laurence
Full Name: Timothy James Hamilton Laurence
Father: Guy Stewart Laurence
Mother: Barbara Alison Laurence
Relation to Elizabeth II: Son-in-law
Born: March 1, 1955 at Camberwell, South London
Current Age:
Married: Princess Anne on December 12, 1992 at Crathie, Ballater, Aberdeenshire

Timothy Laurence is the second husband of Princess Anne, The Princess Royal. He was born 1 March 1955 and educated at Sevenoaks School, Kent, and the University of Durham on a naval scholarship where he received a degree in Geography.

He attended the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth and served as a navigating officer on the Royal Yacht Britannia. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in March 1985 and from April 1986 to 1989 he was Equerry to The Queen. In 1995 he was Captain of the frigate HMS Cumberland, and in 1996 Captain of a squadron of five frigates including patrols in the South Atlantic. In 1999 he was Commodore at the Joint Services Staff College, and since then held posts in the Ministry of Defence, London. In April 2007 he was promoted to Vice-Admiral.

He met Princess Anne while he was Equerry to The Queen, and following her divorce from Mark Phillips, they were married on 12 December 1992 at Crathie Kirk a Church of Scotland church near the Balmoral Estate.