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Mark Phillips

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Mark Phillips
Full Name: Mark Phillips
Father: Major Peter Phillips
Mother: Anne Tiarks Phillips
Relation to Elizabeth II: Former son-in-law (divorced)
Born: September 22, 1948 at Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Current Age:
Married (1): Princess Anne on November 14, 1973 at Westminster Abbey
Divorced: April 28, 1992
Children: Peter Phillips, Zara Phillips
Married (2): Sandy Pflueger on February 1, 1997

Mark Phillips was the first husband of Princess Anne. He was born 22 September 1948 and educated at Marlborough College. He attended the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and was commissioned in 1969 into the Queen’s Dragoon Guards initially as Lieutenant and later Captain. Although he has now left the Army he continues to style himself Captain Mark Phillips.

His keen interest is horse riding and equitation events. He won the Badminton Horse Trails in 1971, 1972, 1974 and 1981. In 1972, he was a member of the British three-day event team, which won the gold medal at the Munich Olympics, and silver in the Seoul Olympics.

It was through these events that he met Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. They were married in Westminster Abbey on 14 November 1973 and had two children, Peter born in 1977 and Zara in 1981. They were divorced on 28 April 1992.

On 1 February 1997 he married Sandy Pflueger, an American dressage rider. The couple have a daughter Stephanie born in October 1997. He is a regular columnist in Horse & Hound magazine, and remains a leading figure in British and American equestrian circles